Author Picture

Highly recommended, definitely need a few session to get the ball rolling but worth it when it comes to shutting off from the outside world and hitting the reset button!

Jason C    Runaway Bay   
Author Picture

Thank you for a really lovely experience today, so glad I bought the 3 visit package to come back and reinforce all that goodness!!!!

I feel relaxed yet energized... if its even possible?

See you next week!

Brooke C    Gold Coast   
Author Picture

Had my first float yesterday and it was amazing.

If you have not tried it book in as soon as you can it is a wonderful experience!

Jayne W    Gold Coast   
Author Picture

I highly recommend this facility for anyone looking to expand their consciousness, improve mental balance or simply to reduce stress levels. The set up is neat, clean, relaxed and welcoming, as are the staff. The tank itself looks to be of the most current design and is easily managed by beginner floaters. I'll most definitely be making repeat visits.

Luke W    Brisbane   
Author Picture

Just found my happy place today, get amongst it, GC homies xx

Yeong-ho C    Robina   
Author Picture

I don't do Facebook, Twitter etc but I want to say how grateful I am that my partner read your Article in the paper.

Float Life has changed my life from being in constant pain from neck, back and joints.

Floating relaxes my muscles like nothing I've ever tried. I have a float at the end of my work week, have 2 days off relaxed then back to work still feeling great. I look forward to it.My staff and those who know me well have noticed a remarkable change in me for the good. Thank you so much for being here !!!!!!!!!!

Marilyn S    Gold Coast   
Author Picture

Amazing experience that everyone needs to have! Definitely got yourself a regular here šŸ™‚

Ryan C    Gold Coast   
Author Picture

Thank you for a wonderful visit !! Very comfortable !! And amazing float !!!

Highly highly recommended !! Very relaxed !!

Sheila A    Cairns, QLD   
Author Picture

Amazing experience, feel fantastic, better than I had expected, can't wait to go back!

Emma D    Gold Coast   
Author Picture

Absolutely loved my float!

It was my first time and it was a bit strange at first but overall very enjoyable.

Unfortunatly I was here just on a quick holiday but I am glad I enjoyed it and will continue to float from now onwards.

Danielle H    Auckland NZ   
Author Picture

Before my session I was a little worried about feeling trapped in a small space but I can honestly say that I loved the whole experience and I even closed the lid. It was truly relaxing for my mind and body. I love to work out so my muscles were so grateful and I felt so good for days. I will go back again and I recommend it to others

Roni    Gold Coast   
Author Picture

Great friendly atmosphere, the float was amazing, exactly what I needed I felt energised & relaxed at the same time afterwards!

Fran B    Sunshine Coast QLD   
Author Picture

Enjoyed the experience. I found it relaxing physically and mentally.
Had a good sleep that night and felt relaxed the next day... Found the whole experience relaxing.
Tried to book in again the next day but you were fully booked... Maybe next time I am on the coast.

Ian T    Taree, NSW   
Author Picture

After receiving this as a gift I was told not to look up what floatlife was about before I went. Walking out after I can gladly say it was the best hour I have spent in a long time- total peace and the most amazing feeling of floating šŸ™‚ LOVED IT

Kelly G    Gold Coast   
Author Picture

I was a bit skeptical about whether or not I would enjoy floating as I often find it hard to just sit still and relax. My experience was really beautiful. Afterwards, my mind felt clear, my body relaxed and I couldn't wipe the smile from my face. Iā€™m so glad and thankful that floating has come to the Gold Coast. I highly recommend it. I will be floating again soon.

Jessica B   
Author Picture

It was absolutely amazing! We loved it and will definitely be back!

Brihannan C.    Gold Coast   
Author Picture

How great I felt today!! I couldn't be more relaxed! Being pregnant, I felt so connected to my baby when I was floating! I even heard his heart beat! I'll definitely come back for another session!

Satomi K    Gold Coast   
Author Picture

My first Float experience, Thanks FloatLife

I was a little worried when i first entered the water as my eczema really stung. My first thought was sensory deprivation? Yeah right this is sensory overload lol. Bugger how am I going to enjoy this when all I can focus on is the stinging.

Over the next 10-15min this sting dissipated and I quickly become completely relaxed.

A surreal feeling when I opened my eyes... Wide awake and all I could see was darkness like my eyes were still shut. The hour was over quickly it felt like I feel asleep but I know i was awake for the whole experience.

At the end of the 60min float When I lifted my head slowly out of the water it felt like my whole body was levitating from the tank.

Post shower I enjoyed a tea plenty of water and a comfy chair to collect my thoughts post float. I think this was an important part to the experience.
It was a strange feeling afterwards. How I would try and describe it as Light. I felt light headed minus the dizziness and faint feeling just very light. I had a great sleep that night!

Thanks FloatLife - Highly recommend!

Karl B    Otago NZ   
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Amazing!!! The most relaxing thing I have ever experienced.

Lucy P    Gold Coast   
Author Picture

One of the best tanks I've floated in to date!

Completely light and sound proof. Super friendly and professional staff making the experience that more enjoyable.

Definitely returning for future floats!

Lawrence S    Gold Coast